Produce 100% organic and promote local supplies


As a manufacturer dedicated since its launch to a 100% organic production , we only work with organically farmed ingredients.

We have developed recipes inspired by Provençal terroir, which allows us to maximize our local suppliers.

We want to offer our customers products that, in addition to their nutritional qualities, are also distinguished by their good taste. For this, we are constantly working on recipes made with organically farmed ingredients that have a real nutritional and taste interest (Pumpkins, Spelled, Eggplant, Tofu, Cheese ...).


We educate our staff about behaviors that preserve the environment.  


Empowering people in our company

Coquelicot Provence is also a human-sized manufacturer that makes a point of offering its employees the best possible working conditions. To achieve this, we have taken a number of measures: 

  • Give young people a chance: every year we train one or two apprentices. Out of 25 employees currently, for example, 5 young people have been hired permanently contracts following their apprenticeship. Three of our employees are coming from reinsertion programs.

  • Make formation a priority: a training program, which involves all employees, is established every year. These trainings are carried out either internally or by external providers. Our manufacturing knowledge is improving along with the qualification of our employees. 

  • Facilitating employee savings: Since 2008, we have implemented a Company Savings Plan.     

  • We also participate with other companies of the organic food sector to meetings about Social Responsibility.  




Ban unnecessary packaging and reduce our waste as much as possible

Overpackage most often has a sole marketing purpose and is responsible for unnecessary waste

To reduce the amount of waste generated by our activity, we chose the simplest packaging.

Our highly refined packaging generates three times less waste than fresh pasta in trays.


We adopt clean energies and optimize our consumption

  • Our factory is provided with a high energy performance refrigeration central from which we gather heat to warm and produce hot water.     

  • The production site is lit by LEDs that reproduce the light of day.     

  • We are also equipped with photovoltaic panels to produce our own solar energy!  


Make sure our prices are accessible to everyone


  • We believe that eating organic products should not be a luxury and that everyone should be able to eat properly. At Coquelicot Provence, our prices are studied both to pay fairly our organic suppliers and to offer our organic fresh pasta at an affordable price.     

  • The financial results of the company are reinvested in the optimization of our production tool  


Support projects that contribute to the preservation of the environment, the development of organic and local activity

  • We make a point of developing ourselves in a sustainable way socially, environmentally and economically, and our commitments are in line with these values.
  • To reinforce our investment in sustainable development, we have partnered with SYNAORGANIC (Union of Organic Food Processors) and we have signed the code of good practices "OrganicEntrepriseDurable"   
  • We are partners of projects that contribute to the preservation of the environment and promote local economic and cultural development.